92 Things Questionnaire - 2004 edition

Ok, here's a long questionnaire I've filled in to let you folks know a little more about me. It gets quite personal, and rather emotional in there, so beware!

  1. Longest you've gone with out a shower ? - 1 week, just to spite my father as a 10 year old child
  2. Colour of most clothes you own ? - Blue, mainly jeans, but I like blue.
  3. Number of pillows you sleep with ? - One, sometimes none. Two hurt my neck.
  4. Have you ever been in love/Are you ? - I don't think so/No.
  5. What do your teeth look like ? - I need a cap on my front tooth because I fell off an adventure playground as a kid and chipped it.
  6. What are you wearing ? - Blue Iceberg top (M), worn blue Levis (28"), beige Merrell shoes (UK 8), Next boxer shorts (S), Next socks (UK 8), black Hooch tee shirt (S). RL glasses. And a smile.
  7. What are you doing in 1 hour ? - Working (supposedly).
  8. What room are you in right now ? - Office, in my little section.
  9. What were you doing 12AM last night ? - Uh, sleeping.
  10. Do you like riddles ? - Yes, but I'm not much good at them.
  11. Where do your grandparents live ? - Devon, and Camberley.
  12. Do you like trampolines ? - Yes, but I twisted my ankle on one once. Ouch.
  13. How old will you be in 10 years ? - 32
  14. What do you think you'll be doing in 10 years ? - Rewriting 92 things, maybe with my wife!
  15. Do you have braces ? - No. I used to when I was like 14, but I lost them all, and am now stuck with crappy teeth.
  16. Last thing you ate ? - A bowl of Cheerios for breakfast.
  17. What's your locker combination ? - I don't have one.
  18. Are you paranoid ? - I don't think so. Who the hell are you anyway. How'd you get in here. This is a conspiracy!!
  19. Do you burn or tan ? - Burn. Big time. I use like SPF1,000,000.
  20. Pen or pencil ? - Pen, black, quick drying ink.
  21. Do you check your mail regularly ? - Every day. Except weekends, when I have better things to do (This is a lie, I don't generally have better things to do, I just can't be bothered.)
  22. Describe your cd player ? - It is a Cambride Audio D200SE , it's black, and it's sitting on the third shelf of my Hi Fi Rack.
  23. Your wallet ? - It's a brown leather Jacob wallet (whoever the hell he is!) It currently holds 10 pounds, one credit card, one bank card, one gym membership, one driving licence, and one very small 128MB USB memory stick.
  24. Your alarm clock ? - I have 2!! I have a crappy loud silver Next one, and I use the alarm on my Ericsson T610 mobile.
  25. Your hair ? - Light brown, short, thick, and covered in Trevor Sorbie moulding mud.
  26. Tooth brush ? - I've no idea. Some Tesco jobbie I reckon. It's blue. I need a new one.
  27. Computer ? - Silverstone LC03 Case, AMD Athlon XP 3200+, ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe mobo, 1GB Crucial PC3200 RAM, 300GB Seagate HDD, LG CDRW/DVD drive, Nvidia Geforce 5200 graphics, DVB-T PCI card, SoundBlaster Audigy soundcard, Coolermaster copper heatsink and fan, Coolermaster orange LED fan, yellow CCFL tube, orange Laser LED kit, Samsung SM710V LCD.
    Laptop: IBM Thinkpad R40, 512MB RAM, 20GB HDD
    Both running Debian/GNU Linux 3.0
  28. Bed ? - Just some single Pine thing. Parents bought it many moons ago. Has an extra bed stored underneath it, just incase I "Get lucky"
  29. Purse ? - Right...
  30. Backpack ? - I have a small CamelBak for riding, and an EastPak bag for the general carrying of stuff.
  31. Note book ? - If you mean like Laptop, then see above, otherwise, nope.
  32. What color are your nails ? - Kinda pink with white bits on top, and slightly pinky white bits at the bottom. Normal then.
  33. What color are your eyes ? - Green. I think. I can't really see them.
  34. Last time you where sick ? - After a "business" trip to South Africa. I think I ate something bad. October, last year.
  35. Last person you yelled at ? - Crikey, no one. I don't yell at people. Geez I never even realised that!
  36. First bike ? - Some dodgy old BMX. But I didn't learn how to ride until I was like 12. Current bike however is a Kona Stinky, with a few extra bits on it.
  37. First best friend(s) ? - Uh, Andrew Nutall and Stephen Childs. Who I have unfortunately treated badly, and since lost. Damn my stupid social skills.
  38. First real memory of something ? - Getting a parachuting plastic army man, but desperately wanting a nice bouncy ball.
  39. First car ? - I've only just passed my test, so my first and current car is a Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 16v, CDX P Reg, in dark green. And it cost me nothing. A gift from my parents, nice!
  40. First date ? - Dude this really sucks, but if I'm brutally honest I would have to say I've never had one. I've been out with a few girls, but they've been friends, and we've just, hung out or gone over her place, but an official date, nada.
  41. First kiss ? - Ah, yes I remember it well. At the (rather old) age of 17, with a close friend of 19. In her bedroom with (oddly enough) her little brother playing the SNES (remember those?) in the background. We were trying out seeing each other. Three attempts later and we decided it was never going to work. Which I honestly regret.
  42. First break-up ? - The friend from above. We broke up three times, first time she broke up, "needed space", second time it was I, because she was off flirting with other guys in nightclubs, and third and final time it was kind of mutual.
  43. First job ? - Sweeping up hair in my step Grandad's barbers in Farnham. I hated that job. I worked 8.30-5pm with a half hour break, and got 15. Still my parents gave me a good work ethic, so I took what I could and liked it.
  44. First screen name ? - squelch, still the same! It's been my nickname like forever. But then with a name like Matt Quelch, it would be.
  45. First self purchased album ? - Ha, that would be Metallica - And Justice for All, on tape. I subsequently sold it to my brother, and have since re-bought it on CD.
  46. First funeral ? - I didn't go to my great nan's, so that would be my great uncle's. I had no idea what was going on. I hardly knew the guy, and couldn't see the point in the whole thing really.
  47. First prime minister (or president) you voted for ? - I have never voted. They are all a bunch of lying toe rags IMO. Next time round I'm thinking of voting Green because at least I actually agree with the majority of their plans!
  48. First piercing/tattoo ? - None. I was going to get my eyebrow pierced with my buddy Wayne when I was 16, but thought better of it, because I thought it would stop me getting a job. That'll be my Dad's influence then.
  49. First independent home ? - Uh, I still live with my parents.
  50. First house/flat/apartment ? - Alright, no need to rub it in, so I live with my parents.
  51. First love ? - Hmm, seeing how as I've never been in love I would have to say my purple cushion when I was 6. I loved that damn thing, and my brother nicked it off me, and chucked it in the attic.
  52. First enemy ? - I don't remember his name but he was some generic school bully. He wore green Wellington boots, and got beat up by my big brother when he started pushing me around! Hehe.
  53. First big trip ? - Geez, uh probably the obligatory Lad's holiday in Portugal. Lots of beer, lots of food, lots of sun, not enough of much else.
  54. First play/musical/performance ? - My parents have photographic evidence of me playing one of the wise men. With a towel around my head. Aged 5. Nice.
  55. First musician you remember hearing in your house ? - The Beatles - Dad's a big fan.
  56. Last cigarette ? - I tried it when I was like 14 with my step sister. I didn't see what all the fuss was about so didn't do it again. Last cigarette though was New Years Eve 1999-2000, when I smoked a large cigar. I was very drunk, and prepared for the world to end with the Millennium Bug (whatever happened to that???).
  57. Last kiss ? - Oh dear, I think that would be my Nan at Christmas.
  58. Last good cry ? - I don't know, I cry quite a lot actually. It was probably some film I think.
  59. Last library book checked out ? - Romeo and Juliet, 16 April 1996. And I still have it. Sorry Connaught School Library, I'll bring it back one day!
  60. Last movie seen ? - Donnie Darko, and I loved it, superb film. Watch it.
  61. Last book read ? - I'm currently reading Michel Houellebeq's Platform, but the last book I read was Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! Part of the Discworld series. Brilliantly funny!
  62. Last cuss word uttered ? - Geez, I'm terrible like that, probably swearing at some idiot driver on the way to work. Probably either "Fuck", "dickweed", or "jerk-weasel" I expect.
  63. Last beverage drank ? - Coffee. Does that count? Just a crappy Kenco instant at work.
  64. Last crush ? - I tell you I always get crushes, but because I'm so shy I never do anything about them. Last one was on a girl working in this coffee shop I go to most days for lunch. She was lovely. Really pretty, and I cursed myself for not asking her out. I almost did. Almost.
  65. Last phone call ? - First National Tricity Finance, to pay off my Kona Stinky, (1100).
  66. Last person who called me ? - Big brother, Curtis. We get on well. He called to arrange a drink on Saturday night, but it never materialised.
  67. Last TV show watched ? - I watch way too much TV, so that would be some strange thing on Channel 4 last night about two drug addicts meeting up while in rehab and falling in love.
  68. Last time showered ? - This very morning. But the shower is crap, and the house is cold.
  69. Last shoes worn ? - My Merrell walking shoes. They are SO comfortable it's quite unbelievable.
  70. Last cd played ? - The Von Bondies - Raw and Rare, purchase just two days ago. It's a John Peel Session from the BBC. Pretty good.
  71. Last item bought ? - Crabtree and Evelyn "Nomad" deodorant. 75ml.
  72. Last downloaded ? - Mozilla Thunderbird, although after trying it I decided to stay with Kmail.
  73. Last annoyance ? - Hmm, that would be my PC continually rebooting for no reason. I eventually found the RAM was bad, and got some nice new Crucial stuff.
  74. Last disappointment ? - Not being able to go out for a drink with my Big Bro on Saturday.
  75. Last soda drank ? - Lucozade Orange on Saturday. I don't usually drink soda though, more of a Juice man myself.
  76. Last thing written ? - On the Computer: today's blog entry. By hand: updated order statuses for repairs at work.
  77. Last key used ? - Car key. Although our new house is like Fort Knox, it has like four doors and two locks, on each!!
  78. Last word spoken ? - "Thanks, bye." To the lovely people from First National Tricity Finance.
  79. Last sleep ? - Last night, 8 hours, as usual. I like sleep. Sleep at 23.00 and awake at 7.00 for work. I hate work.
  80. Last IM ? - Telling some spammer to leave it out on my ICQ account.
  81. Last sexual fantasy ? - Hmm, in the shower with some random girl. Brown hair, kind of pudgy (Didn't have a face incidentally).
  82. Last weird encounter ? - I've no idea. Sorry.
  83. Last ice cream eaten ? - Devon style ice cream from Tesco. Yum.
  84. Last time amused ? - I'm always being amused. I even amuse myself. Last time was when I saw a guy pushing his kid in a pram, and he pushed her at a curb, and she fell out, and started crying, and all these people rushed over to help. I though he might have done it on purpose to get some attention in his own backwards little world. That what was I found amusing. Hehe.
  85. Last time wanting to die ? - Genuinely? Probably when I was like 15, and hated living, and was having general teen angst.
  86. Last time in love ? - Get the message, I'm a sad loser whose never been in love. Enough already. Geez.
  87. Last time hugged ? - I don't get hugged or give hugs enough. I don't remember.
  88. Last time scolded ? - Probably by my driving instructor after breaking his side mirror off from driving too close to a thick bush up this really thin road.
  89. Last time resentful ? - Big Bro, for not turning up for a beer on Saturday night.
  90. Last chair sat in ? - My nice black and brown leather chair in my room. Or this crappy blue work chair.
  91. Last time dancing ? - Christmas Party, I like dancing, but only when I'm drunk enough not to remember in the morning.
  92. Last poster looked at ? - A sign telling me "My mum doesn't work here so I should wash up after myself". Although we have cleaners, so why they can't wash up I don't know.

Well That's all I have for you folks for now. Hope this was vaguley insightful/interesting and that you feel better for wasting your time reading it! Wanna know more? Well if you're REALLY that interested you could do worse than to drop me a mail.