About Me

I am a 42 year old male from Hampshire, UK. I am an introvert; this is not something that bothers me though; the upshot of which is that I often prefer spending time alone. I consider myself an atheistic libertarian, although this is of course open to debate. Below is a quite horifying picture of me, I'll try and get some better ones (although they don't get much better than that I'm afraid!!).

If you need to contact me, I am usually available on some form of IM account, or maybe on IRC or worst case on email.

Okay, after a good six year gap (yes that old passport photo below is from 2000) I have finally got around to putting an updated shot of my good self up. So here we have it - Matt Quelch 2006:

Matt Quelch 2006

And the old 2000 shot from college days (this was actually for my bus pass!):
Matt Quelch

Wow it's amazing what 6 years can do to a guy huh? Oh, wait I haven't changed. At all.