Techy Stuff

This bit of my site is dedicated to my geeky side. I will try and keep this section vaguely up to date.

I use open source software exclusively, and am somewhat of a Debian zealot. Orwell, my HTPC server, runs Debian sid, Kerouac, my daily use IBM Thinkpad R40 laptop, is on Debian etch, Kafka, my wireless authenticating gateway is on OpenBSD 3.9, Wodehouse, my server is on Debian and Camus, my Ultra 5, is on Solaris 10 or Debian etch, depending on how I feel.

I also have an old review up on Mepis Linux 2003.10. It was a nice distro. Please note past tense.

I work as a sysadmin-in-training so am learning to automate any task that I have to repeat and takes over 15 minutes. In so doing I have created a few little scripts to make my life easier; I put them up here in the hope of making someone elses' life easier too.