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So this is my little piece of the Internet for venting my frustrations, writing about geeky stuff, and forcing my political and philisophical views on others, particularly those without any interest in the same. There's a good chance there will be bad language and offensive views contained within. If you notice any spelling/grammar mistakes, please feel free drop me a mail.


23 May 2020

So, almost 10 years have passed since my last update, yikes! Don't worry internet, I'm not dead (yet). We're in the middle of an epic viral outbreak called Coronavirus, most of the free world has been told to pause its economies and have everyone lock themselves indoors for a couple of months, so I managed to find a minute or two to stick an update on here.

Since that last post, the Sheevaplug died and has been replaced with a Raspberry Pi, now on web serving duties, mail is now on Google Apps. I've also built Alexandria, my NAS somewhen in between, so put up a little page about that. Oh and I got married; bought a new house; got a new job; drove across Europe; got another new job; and had a baby. So I didn't waste those 10 years dear internet. Though I do need to put some more gumpf up on this here site. I'm sure I'll get right on that...

26 September 2010

Finding a few spare shekels in my wallet I've decided to run my own mail and web server, so I give you Wodehouse , my new SheevaPlug server, it's actually running this website as well as all of my email, pretty cool hey?

18 May 2009

I've finally completed Twain , my new PC based on an old IBM PS/1 case with some shiny new hardware stuffed inside.

11 April 2007

I've been dabbling with PHP a little recently, and have decided to code up my site using that for a little extra convenience (perhaps I will change the header image a little more often now...).

So here it is then, the official launch of my PHP based site. Look different? No? That's what it's supposed to do ;)

03 February 2007

Added a page with a few scripts/programs which I have created for various systems admin work, hopefully they may be of help to someone.

29 November 2006

Added a page for a few of my photos.

15 September 2006

So here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for, the launch of the newly designed site. Or the front page at any rate. I've used vim for all editing. All photos are taken by my good self, and are all licensed under a cc-by-sa license, as is the entire site.

Suffice to say development is on going when I get time. I will likely be changing the CSS a bit over the next few weeks, and will probably change the banner photo when I figure out what to replace it with.

14 March 2006

I've just upgraded my main HTPC server, and in so doing have jotted down a few notes to help others lucky enough to happen upon my page. I've also put up long overdue pages for each of my various PCs. I have yet to put up a page about my experiences with Solaris 10 on Camus (my Sun Ultra 5) though.

06 March 2006

In a quite extraordinary change of heart, I've decided CSS is in fact the future, and am going to re-do the whole site in XHTML and CSS when I have 5(00) minutes.

20 January 2006

Redesigned site launched today. I decided to get rid of the CSS and indeed the blog, I can't help but feel it's all just turning into a new fashion thing. I am going to try and keep the site vaguely up to date, we'll see how that goes...