My second great love is music. I have a very varied collection of CDs, MiniDiscs, Records, and the odd tape (although no DVD-As or SACDs yet...). I think I am currently running at ~500 CDs, ~100 Records, ~40 Minidiscs, 3 Tapes, and a number of (completely legal) mp3s.

Like I say I have a varied collection, including music from Beethoven to Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, from Charlie Parker to Paul Weller, and all sorts in between. I am currently having a very enjoyable Rock phase, urged on by the lovely people at NME. My current Rock phase came about after hearing a band called The Flies while I was in South Africa on "business", they had a bit of a Greenday twang. I have since seen a few more live bands (22-20s cool Blues Rock stuff, The Blueskins really good rock, and The DIY Cravings, a really good new band, with slight hint of Blur).