Mountain Biking

I regularly enjoy a nice ride on my bicycle. I have a Kona Stinky which I purchased in August 2003 from our friends at Halfords, for 1099.00, a bargain! I have since added some DMR V8 Pedals, a very nice set of Easton EA50 Riser Bars and Hope M4 front and C4 rear disc brakes. Using this wonderful bike I have entered new realms of 'freeride' riding, including a great amount of pleasure being produced from jumping the steps at Surrey University, and a multitude of other shenanigans of which I shall try to post pictures soon.

My dear brother, one Curtis Quelch, is solely responsible for getting me into mountain biking. Were it not for his influences, I would probably be sitting around writing a website right now. (Hang on a minute...). He is now the proud owner of a quite frankly beautiful Cannondale Gemini 900, and soon to be proud owner of a small person, yes he has got his lovely wife, Rahela, pregnant. Aww.